Announcing Spring 2017 Nashville Field Trip, March 3 – 5

We are pleased to announce our next Nashville Field Trip, March 3 – 5. Past Field Trippers have forged lifelong friendships from our events, and it makes us proud to be a part of seeing music bring people together. Click on the image below and fill out the application form. Space is limited to 12 participants. Once we receive your application, we’ll send you the link for signing up. We look forward to seeing you and showing off Music City! $429 includes 3 house concerts, songwriting and guitar workshops, a tour of Nashville, 3 dinner meals and lots of hang time with good people. Hotel and transportation to Nashville is not included. Scroll down to see pictures from our last Field Trip. 

Antsy in the round with (L to R) Nashville singer/songwriter Tim Thompson, Field Tripper Jeff Auen, Nashville musician Denny Kirtley, Field Trippers Jayme Lawhorn, Carla Lockwood and Cheryl Adams. Photo by Alex Neely.




Antsy and Deana Lynn belt out a favorite song while Carla Lockwood joins in. Photo by Alex Neely.



Antsy directs Field Trippers Rob and Katie Ditchen, Michael Smith, Jayme Lawhorn, Jeff Auen and Kevin Ward as they sing background vocals on one of his new songs at Marv Treutel’s Nashville studio. Photo by Alex Neely. 




Antsy was not driving as he took this selfie before the “Nashville Underground” tour took place. The destinations on the tour map are not shared here, because we go where no tourist goes, and we see what no tourist sees: Real Nashville.

Album With Pete Huttlinger Now in Production

AntsyPete4Hi friends. Here’s an update on the new album I started with Pete Huttlinger. I’ve retrieved all the tracks from Pete’s computer, along with Pete’s beautiful guitar, dobro and mandolin work, and the sessions are now in the hands of a great engineer just around the corner from my house. (I love Nashville.)

I want to try and “keep Pete’s hand” in the process as much as I can, or at least, do things with these songs that would have made him smile. We have 18 tracks, but a few will go the wayside as we get closer to the vision of the album. I’m rewriting some lyrics as their meaning has become a bit stale, as they often do with the passing of time, and I’m including 4 new songs I’ve written since January, the time of Pete’s death, and conversely, a time when my heart was finally opening up in good, positive ways.


AntsyPete1Pete was adamant about including only my ballads and love songs on this album. “No funny stuff,” I can still hear him say. I will stay true to that, and make this project the follow-up to “Time Sweetened Lies” that Pete wanted it to be. It will be spare, lean, acoustic, with lush harmony vocals.

The album’s working title is “No More Wishful Thinking,” which is the title of one of the new songs. Some of you may have heard the demo I did for a song called “Watercolor Sky.” That is also on the album, and I may get the title from that. Not totally sure yet. As with all the past 17 albums, the title always solidifies as the songs come together.



I have my fingers crossed for a Christmas release. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for being there.

Antsy and Edgar Cruz at Harlow’s in Sacramento tonight

Can’t make it to Woodflock this weekend but live in California?  How about a trip to Sacramento to catch Antsy McClain with his good friend Edgar Cruz for a night of Flamenco and Flamingo. Antsy loves this place. Cool vibe. Good sound. Good people. Edgar Cruz will be joining Antsy at Woodflock Friday, May 27, but if you can’t make it to Red Bluff, come out and see Antsy and Edgar at Harlow’s for a musical feast.

And this just in: Loose Bruce Wandmayer is joining Antsy! Now anything can happen!

Get your tickets here:

If you want to attend Woodflock 2016, there is still space and there will be loads of fun too.  Click on the photo below for all the details.


Join Antsy to Support Open Table Nashville at the Flatrock Cafe in June

Antsy is joining forces with Flatrock Coffee, Tea & More for three intimate Tuesday evening shows in Nashville to benefit the Open Table Nashville, which is a non-profit, interfaith community that disrupts cycles of poverty, journeys with the marginalized and provides education about issues of homelessness.

Come join Antsy on Tuesday evenings June 14, June 21 and June 28 from 6:04 PM to 8:06 PM and catch his new songs, listen to some new stories and watch some of his fun slide shows, all to benefit the homeless.

Antsy Appears in a TEDx Talk in Carson City

Antsy at TEDx in May 2016

Antsy at TEDx in May 2016

Antsy McClain was recently featured as a TEDx guest speaker in Carson City and his talk has been publicized nationwide.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Though known more as a humorist, songwriter and small town philosopher, as many of his fans know, Antsy McClain also has a parallel career as a painter and illustrator. When he shows up to speak at high school career days, he’s usually booked as “the creativity guy.” In this talk, he reflects on the pivotal age of “14” as a turning point in the lives of so many.

Antsy tells like he lives it: The good life. Antsy is generally free from an over-abundance of material things and appreciates time with family and friends.




Woodflock’s 6th Year Will be Better Than Ever

Above is this year’s t-shirt design only available to Woodflockers, drawn up by Antsy hizself.

Well, it’s almost here! Just a few more days and Woodflock will be upon us. Antsy has often said it’s the most fun we have all year. The gathering of people make this event the most rewarding thing we do as a community. We have a lot of friends helping us along the way, and Antsy, the band and all of the Flamingoheads are truly grateful for them and their tireless efforts to make Woodflock memorable and meaningful to all those in attendance.
If you haven’t signed up for a cabin, but want to, don’t delay. We only have a few left. We’ve had such an outpouring of good mojo concerning our Red Bluff, California Woodflock, that we are looking to Franchise it. Ha. Well, that may be too big a word for it. We’re looking at a location near Nashville, Tennessee to host Woodflock East in the Fall of every year. We’ll keep you posted, and as usual, your feedback is appreciated. Any ideas you might have for locations, or how to make the event be the best we can offer, will be appreciated.
Antsy and the Troubs are looking forward to seeing you all again, hanging out, catching up, and sharing our journeys along this winding highway we call life.
SPACES ARE FILLING UP FAST. This is shaping up to be our best Woodflock ever. Apparently if you do something 6 times, you’re bound to get it right, huh? Woodflock is our favorite event all year. The best part comes in meeting and hanging out with folks who all have the same things in common: a love of music, a sense of humor, a desire to live authentically and “enjoy the ride.” If you’re one of those people, you should join us!
Just click HERE to get on board!
Woodflock is filling up! Space is limited. Join us!
Of course, Antsy and the guys will be bringing their usual music and humor with them. They’ll be playing songs off their latest album, as well as the old favorites. And Sunday night’s show is an ALL REQUEST NIGHT, as we do every year. You make the set list.
They’ll be performing every night around the fire, as usual. Also throwing it in will be Antsy’s dear friend, guitar master, Edgar Cruz on Friday night, the uniquely talented Sourdough Slim with multi-instrumentalist Bob Armstrong on Saturday night, and Sunday will be a few creativity sessions with Antsy and his friends.
Edgar Cruz

Edgar Cruz

Sourdough Slim

Sourdough Slim

Bob Armstrong and Hilary

Bob Armstrong and Hilary

Hands-on arts and crafts for kids of all ages will be provided by our friends Bill and Katie. They do a great job, and they donate all their time and supplies to the cause.
Crafts for all ages!

Crafts for all ages!

Every morning gets started with the wonderful Hilary Nicholls and her dobro-playing husband, Bruce Wandmayer. We are also offering Yoga hosted by Dave Emery this year directly following the daily meditation. Meal time will be fabulous, as always. Also, our friend John Chips will be bringing his Monster Grill with him for us to enjoy special meat and veggies smoked to succulent perfection.
Antsy and the Troubs up close and personal

Antsy and the Troubs up close and personal

This is a lot of stuff! We’re thinking it’s going to be our best Woodflock EVER! Join us! Click HERE for passes. We have day passes or you can join us for the whole weekend. You can bring a tent, stay in a cabin, bring an RV or stay at a nearby hotel. Details on the Official Woodflock 2016 Page.
Antsy McClain

Antsy McClain

Two More California Shows Announced for this Weekend!!

Antsy is having another birthday (he is 39 again!). He wants to hang with his friends so come join him on Friday in Felton, CA and then on Monday in Chico to party and celebrate. He’ll be joined by the amazing guys known as the Troubs and also his special guest Jacob Johnson for a great party!!

April 15: Don Quixote’s in Felton, CA – CLICK HERE FOR TIX

April 18: Sierra Nevada Brewery, Chico, CA – CLICK HERE FOR TIX


Singer/Songwriter Jacob Johnson to Join Antsy on It’s About Time Tour

ANtsyJacobJohnsonSouth Carolina guitarist Jacob Johnson is teaming up with Antsy McClain for a number of shows the pair have dubbed the “It’s About Time Tour”.

The tour kicks off Friday March 11th at the Strand at 38 Main in Waynesville, North Carolina, and will travel to the Theatre at Little Washington in Virginia for a March 12th show before concluding with a series of dates on the West Coast that are still being finalized.



Johnson and McClain were introduced by a mutual friend, Austrialian guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, whom both have toured with separately. Sharing a love of storytelling through song, they struck up a friendship that is culminating in what will be their first time on stage together. “Musically, we come from two different places” says Johnson. “But we have a similar approaches in terms of songwriting, and engaging the audience. So I think the pairing will make a lot of sense once people see it.”

Johnson sounds like Norman Rockwell paintings and the open road. He is a virtuoso, expressing a working comprehension of dozens of techniques and styles. He has blended and blurred the lines of genres to craft a sound he calls ‘Neo-Acoustic Folk/Funk’.”  The Florence Morning News (Florence, SC)

Each concert will consist of two sets. Johnson will be closing east coast shows with his dazzling acoustic guitar-work and inventive songwriting. In turn, McClain will be closing the west coast dates with songs and stories centered around a small, fictitious trailer park called Pine View Heights (patterned after his own childhood surroundings and experiences). The performances are family friendly, but age restrictions may apply at certain venues. For more information on Jacob Johnson, please visit his website