Antsy’s BRAND NEW ALBUM! All new songs written, rewritten and recorded while in social isolation. Don’t expect normal. This is music made during our NEW normal. For 25 years, Antsy McClain has written some of the most humorous, insightful and endearing songs in Americana music. This collection of tunes is what happens to a wildly creative mind when quarantined and left alone to his own devices: pen, paper, guitar, harmonica, a couple of microphones and the latest version of Garageband. CLICK HERE or on the image above to get your DOWNLOAD!


These are weird times. Let’s commemorate them with a t-shirt we can all wear while Armageddon comes and goes. (It’s gonna go away, right? Eventually?) Anyway, click on the image or go HERE to order yours today. Proceeds from the sales of this shirt go to finance Antsy’s new album.
This is the new t-shirt lovingly designed by Antsy McClain to celebrate his 25 years in music.
Antsy McClain has spent years focusing on the funny and absurd, but has written scores of songs that honor the more heart-warming things of life such as friends and family.
“If there is one recurring thread in my music,” says Antsy, “It’s to live simply, unencumbered by the trappings of materialism.”