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“I’m excited to have you all hear my new album, Late Bloomer. It’s available soon and contains 24 songs that blend humor with more serious messages to entertain you, make you think a little, and get you tapping your toes.” – Antsy McClain

Some may not know that long before he became a singer/songwriter, Antsy McClain was a busy illustrator, working for such clients as The Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek, Simon & Schuster, Psychology Today and many more. As music beckoned, Antsy’s graphic art career took a back seat, but never completely went away. During the lockdown of 2020’s pandemic, it was time to get back to work.

“I wanted to recreate the kind of multi-sensory experiences I had as a boy with so many of those lush, illustrative album covers of the 1970s,” explains Antsy, “I would let my eyes soak up the images while listening to the music, which often had links to the visual element.”
The artwork was done in ink, charcoal powder and pencil, using soft brushes and a flannel cloth to create the gradated, ‘airbrush’ effect.

“I’ve never been able to get an airbrush to work for me,” says Antsy, “And I really like using dry media like pastel and charcoal, so I developed this technique years ago as a way to get to a place of softness and depth.” All of the images on the cover (and in subsequent artwork for the inside album cover which is being completed as we speak) have connections to the 20 songs on Late Bloomer, making it a concept album of sorts.

The original artwork is in the private collection of Lisa Forsyth.