This is the new t-shirt lovingly designed by Antsy McClain to celebrate his 25 years in music.
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“I did a short house concert tour with friends a few years back, and I had no idea how fun it would be. The shows were intimate and the audiences were very tuned in. And I was able to do songs I can’t normally do with a full band. So I decided as soon as my calendar cleared up, I would book some more house concerts – and I’m having a great time! You will too. My dates are limited for these types of shows, but if you host house concerts or know someone who does, give us a shout.” – Antsy McClain
Antsy McClain has spent years focusing on the funny and absurd, but has written scores of songs that honor the more heart-warming things of life such as friends and family.
“If there is one recurring thread in my music,” says Antsy, “It’s to live simply, unencumbered by the trappings of materialism.”