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“His songs are good – damn good – but I’ve never seen an artist work so hard for so little.” – Smitty Danforth (American Idol 3rd rounder, 2005) 

Hi, cousins. Antsy McClain is writing a monthly column for The Tennessee Magazine, called, “My Tennessee Notebook.” Check it out HERE. 

Listen to Antsy’s latest song, “Cicada Blue.” 

Welcome, readers of The Tennessee Magazine and Cousins everywhere! CLICK HERE to get your FREE download of Antsy McClain’s song, “Wheels in Motion,” about his father.

You can also grab his LATEST SONG, “Cicada Blue” along with other free downloads HERE that coincide with previous ‘My Tennessee Notebook’ columns. Help yourself, and enjoy. 


“I’ve been watching McClain for years – decades even – hoping he’d get a break, that finally somebody would recognize his talent and put him on the map. That map is getting old, y’all. It’s all yellowed n’ shit. Been folded up in Antsy’s back pocket so long, can’t even read the names of the roads no more.” – Randy “R.A.D. BOYEEE!” Thomphlin (Rapper best known for “Northeast Nashville, Bitch,” “Pumpin’ Up at Planet Fitness, Bitch” and “Hold my Fireball, Bitch.”) 

4 SPOTS LEFT! Join us for our upcoming Nashville Field Trip, July 12 – 14!

Here’s why our July Field Trips are UNFORGETTABLE:

July 12: Friday night, Antsy serves his popular Southern spread of Gumbo, cornbread and greens, and then we gather in the living room for a jam with his buddy and collaborator Chris “SPOONS” Long, and award winning guitarist Robin “Smackdab” Kessinger. 

July 13: Saturday, we go on an off-the-beaten-path, MUSICAL TOUR of Nashville. I focus on vintage Nashville, old music row and some of the underbelly of this old town that’s going through so many changes. Saturday night’s performer is the dynamic singer / songwriter Cassidy Daniels. She’s Florida-born-and-raised but is now tearing it up in Nashville. I discovered her mighty talent and magnetism on Instagram and invited her to join us. You’re gonna love her. HERE is a link to Cassidy and her music. We’re having Summer Vegetables, grown locally, grilled to perfection and served with the best Nashville Hot Chicken you’ll ever eat. (Antsy’s favorite place.) 

July 14: Sunday night we have the spellbinding guitarist Edgar Cruz winding us up after we’ve had our bellies full of Tennessee BBQ. I will also be inviting some well known guitar slingers to hang out, as a major guitar festival will be winding down in Nashville. July is always a blast around here. Some of my favorite house concert memories have happened in the summer. 

MASSAGE! To further make you feel like you’re on Summer vacation, we are fortunate to have Michelle Roy, a popular, licensed massage therpist based in Sarasota, Florida, with us for the weekend, and she will have a massage chair set up for anyone who might want a little relaxation and body work in between activities, during happy hour, etc. She’s incredible. HERE is her website. 

If you’ve never partied in the South on a Sweet Summer Night, you don’t know what you’re missing. We’ll do it up right! Come and experience what all the Country Songs talk about.

DAY PASSES: If you’re LOCAL and just wanna hang out one night, that’s totally cool. Just email me at antsymc@gmail.com

The Nashville Field Trip! We gonna party! – Your cousin, Antsy

“I remember how devastated he was when he was passed over for “Blue’s Clues.” Antsy thought he had that one in the bag.” – Diggsy Framptom, musician/friend