Antsy McClain’s TEDx Talk

Antsy at TEDx in May 2016
Antsy at TEDx in May 2016

Antsy McClain was recently featured as a TEDx guest speaker in Carson City and his talk has been publicized nationwide.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Though known more as a humorist, songwriter and small town philosopher, as many of his fans know, Antsy McClain also has a parallel career as a painter and illustrator. When he shows up to speak at high school career days, he’s usually booked as “the creativity guy.” In this talk, he reflects on the pivotal age of “14” as a turning point in the lives of so many.

Antsy tells like he lives it: The good life. Antsy is generally free from an over-abundance of material things and appreciates time with family and friends.



Parkin’ It With Antsy McClain: Cockroach After the Bomb


“For years, I didn’t want anyone to know that I’m a functioning disaster, which was always painfully obvious at our live shows.” – Tommy Womack
Antsy McClain presents another demo of a brand new song: “That’s What I Do,” and covers some personal ground, giving insight into how he is wired, and examines why we do the things we do.

Also in this podcast, Antsy talks with singer/songwriter Tommy Womack, whose new album, “There I Said It,” is a wonderful collection of introspective songs that track Tommy’s path into an unknown future – a concept we can all embrace with familiarity. Many of Tommy’s songs are featured in this podcast. They are are honest and forthright; funny and thought-provoking. Despite being born the same year, and almost living in a paralell universe (Tommy’s a Kentucky boy first turned on to music by bands like KISS as a kid), Antsy only recently discovered Womack’s music. “It’s been a big part of my summer listening,” Antsy says, “And I wanted to share it with my friends.” So Antsy got in touch with Tommy, who agreed to an interview. They talked in the living room of Womack’s Nashville home. Tommy talks about songwriting, depression, and what he’s learned from his years traveling with a rock and roll band. His answers might surprise you. He also reads from his popular book “Cheese Chronicles – The true story of a rock and roll band you’ve never heard of” which outlines the ups and downs of a 7-year long adventure with the rock band Government Cheese in the 80’s and 90’s. To learn more about Tommy Womack, visit his website at:

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Parkin’ It With Antsy McClain: Wonderful Baggage – Laura Ellen Hopper


An interview with Laura Hopper of KPIG radio, posted May 29, 2007
Our friend Laura Ellen Hopper of KPIG Radio, died Monday, May 28th, 2007, after a short fight with cancer. We are forever indebted to her and the KPIG family, and we will miss her more than we can say. In this special podcast, we present Antsy’s casual interview with Laura unedited and uncut, from the Polyesterfest Cruise 2007. No music. No website plugs. Just Laura, as we remember her: candid and honest.

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