Photos in above video provided by Alex Neely and Jerel Merical. 

 We have Two Field Trips coming up!

Our next Nashville Field Trip is June 29 – July 1, 2018.

And our last Field Trip for the year

is September 7 – 9, 2018. 

Just $459/person

E-mail Antsy HERE to start the sign-up process.

Your weekend includes 1) an off-the-beaten-path tour of Music City, 2) live entertainment by some of Nashville’s most talented songwriters and musicians, 3) home-cooked meals every night, fruit, danish and coffee in the mornings, 4) jam sessions and feedback on your own music and 5) a day in a Nashville studio singing on one of Antsy’s recordings for an upcoming album. 

Travel and hotel not included. But we can recommend hotel options for you that are close by and reasonable. The Field Trips start at 5 PM on Friday and our last event goes late each Sunday night, so make your travel plans accordingly.

And if you come early or stay later, we can give you more self-guided sight seeing options to make your visit that much better. 

You don’t have to be “musical” to enjoy this weekend. We have a wide mix of people at each Field Trip, from professionals who want to be better writers, to weekend pickers, to folks who just enjoy live music and want to see Nashville in a way they’d never be able to by sightseeing with the tourists. 

Everyone is invited to participate if you have music to share, but some choose to recite a favorite poem or lay low and just listen. It’s all good, and our hope is that whoever you are, whatever you do in life, you’ll be inspired to do it better after hanging out with our amazing friends.

Just think of it as a weekend at a friend’s house eating great food, and all these amazing musicians keep dropping by. It’s pretty cool.

Photos by Alex Neely, Jerel Merical and Antsy McClain

Photos by Alex Neely, Jerel Merical and Antsy McClain

Antsy directs you as you sing on one of his songs in a Nashville studio.

E-mail Antsy HERE to start the sign-up process.

A wonderful gathering of Antsy’s talented friends play their music and take your questions as we delve into what it takes to be a songwriter or master musician.


E-mail Antsy HERE to start the sign-up process.

Our songbirds prepare for their recording session. 


Dinner and living room jams turn out to be the hilight of the weekend for most Field Trippers. Everyone participates. If you don’t sing or play, don’t worry. We accept recitations of favorite poems – and for the very reluctant, you can read from one of the many Shel Silverstein books on Antsy’s shelves.