Antsy is bringing back the happy with these fun get-togethers in his home town.  Good fun! Good food! Great music! 

Artist Line Up Announced!  Join us for our upcoming Nashville Field Trip, July 12 – 14!  SALE PRICE STILL IN PLACE!  $549 (Save $150) TIX HERE

Here’s why our July Field Trips are UNFORGETTABLE:

July 12: Friday night, Antsy serves his popular Southern spread of “Gumbo, Cornbread and Greens,” and then we gather in the living room for a jam session with his buddy and collaborator Chris “Spoons” Long on drums, champion guitar player, Robin “Smack Dab” Kessinger on his six string (Great link to Robin HERE), Charles “Chip” Desnoyers on dobro, and Bob “Catfish” Crossman may just show up with his bass licks and winning smile to really get things rolling. We’re hiring a videographer for this one, folks! One for the archives! 

July 13: Saturday, we go on an off-the-beaten-path MUSICAL TOUR of Nashville. Antsy focuses on vintage Nashville, old Music Row and some of the underbelly of this old town that’s going through so many changes. Saturday night’s performer is the dynamic singer/songwriter Cassidy Daniels. She’s Florida-born-and-raised but is now tearing it up in Nashville. Antsy discovered her mighty talent and magnetism on Instagram and invited her to join us. You’re gonna love her. HERE is a link to Cassidy and her music. We’re having Summer Vegetables, grown locally, grilled to perfection and served with the best Nashville Hot Chicken you’ll ever eat. (Antsy’s favorite spot.) 

July 14: Sunday night we have the spellbinding guitarist Edgar Cruz winding us up after we’ve had our bellies full of Tennessee BBQ. Antsy will also be inviting some well known guitar slingers to hang out, as a major guitar festival will be winding down in Nashville. July is always a blast around here. Some of our favorite house concert memories have happened in the summer. 

MASSAGE! To further make you feel like you’re on Summer vacation, we are fortunate to have Michelle Roy, a popular, licensed massage therapist based in Sarasota, Florida, with us for the weekend, and she will have a massage chair set up for anyone who might want a little relaxation and body work in between activities, during happy hour, etc. She’s incredible. HERE is her website. 

Now, If you’re skeerd of the heat or humidity, don’t be. Nashville is beautiful in the Summer, the fascinating cicadas will be in full song mode, and contrary to popular belief, all of our buildings have air conditioning here. LOL. Cold beer on ice, water and soft drinks will be plentiful, and we’re all going to be having so much fun, no one’s even gonna think about the heat. If you’ve never partied in the South on a Sweet Summer Night, you don’t know what you’re missing. We do it up right, baby! Come and experience what all the Country Songs talk about! It’s a thing. Can’t wait. 

DAY PASSES: If you’re LOCAL and just wanna hang out one night, that’s totally cool. Just email me at

The Nashville Field Trip! We gon party! – Your cousin, Antsy

July 12 – 14, 2024  TIX HERE

Sept. 20 – 22, 2024  TIX HERE

ONLY $549/person ($150 Savings if you sign up before March 20, 2024. Aw, heck, I’m gonna keep the SALE PRICE in place ALL YEAR! ) Scroll down to see what’s included.

Your weekend includes 1) an off-the-beaten-path tour of Music City; 2) live entertainment each night by Nashville’s most talented songwriters and musicians; 3) delicious meals each night; 4) jam sessions and feedback on your own music; 5) a day in a Nashville studio watching how the music is made and singing on one of Antsy’s recordings for an upcoming album.


The tour of Nashville takes you all over Music City, stopping at many off-the-beaten-path places responsible for Nashville’s unique music history.
You do not have to be a songwriter or musician to enjoy this trip. Most of our Field Trippers are simply music lovers who like to laugh, enjoy life and see a Nashville that most tourists will never see.


Enjoy a state-of-the-art Nashville studio visit and sing on one of Antsy’s songs.

“I have made so many new friends, and discovered some amazing musicians I would never have known about. You are wonderful. I came with 4 of my dearest friends. We’ve been around the world together, and this, we all agreed, has been the best trip we’ve ever taken together.” – Sandy

“This trip has exceeded all my expectations. I am blown away. Your hospitality and willingness to share so much with us… This has been wonderful.” – Terri

“You guys always amaze me, how you just open your hearts and your home like this. The perfect hosts. I always drive home with my mind kind of swirling about what just happened.” – Kevin, A FIVE-TIME Nashville Field Tripper!


Forever friends are made during the after hours hang time.

Email Antsy McClain HERE if you have questions

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Travel and hotel not included. The Field Trips start at 5 PM on Friday and our last event goes until late Sunday night, so make your travel plans accordingly. Scroll down for hotel, Air BnB and RV camping options.

Again, you don’t have to be “musical” to enjoy this weekend. We have a wide mix of people at each Field Trip, from professionals who want to be better writers, to weekend pickers, to folks who just enjoy live music and want to see Nashville in a way they’d never be able to as a regular tourist. 

“Just think of it as a weekend at a friend’s house eating great food, and all these amazing musicians keep dropping by.” – Bob

Antsy directs you as you sing on one of his songs in a Nashville studio. 

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Engineer Marv Treutel at the helm as he mixes vocals while we listen.

Email Antsy HERE if you have questions

Travel notes: Our first event is Friday at 5 PM, and our last event goes late Sunday night, so you’ll want to make your travel plans accordingly. If you want to spend a few extra days before or after, many folks do that, and we are happy to recommend restaurants, parts of town, site-seeing destinations, etc., to make your stay in Nashville as enjoyable as possible. Just e-mail us at once you’ve made your reservations with us. 

Food: There will be a variety of food served. If you are vegetarian, there will be plenty of non-meat options. If you have other strict dietary restrictions, you are welcome to bring pre-prepared food that fits your needs. 

To our Airstream and RVer cousins: There are many great locations with full hook ups near us. If you prefer closer to Nashville, The Nashville Fairgrounds RV park is a favorite among my RVer friends. Go HERE for more info. If you’re wanting to be closer to us, the food and music, Cedars of Lebanon State Park is just 20 minutes away. Click HERE. Lovely, woodsy and full hook ups. Airstream has rallies there, and our friends always enjoy it. There are so many other options. Click HERE to see what I found when I Googled RV parks in the Nashville area.

Hotel and Air BnB info: Any hotel or Air BnB near the airport would be a perfect distance from where you’ll need to be, and perfectly in between downtown and the house where all the parties will be. When traveling in any strange city, be sure to research the area before making your reservation. If you’d prefer to stay closer to home base where the nightly music and food will be, click HERE for Mount Juliet hotels in the Providence Mall area. You’ll be about 10 minutes away, and you’ll be within walking distance to shopping and restaurants. As the map below indicates, you’ll be 20 minutes from the airport and 35 minutes from downtown Nashville. Air BnBs abound in the area as well. Just Google “Mount Juliet/Wilson County, TN” when browsing in your favorite Air BnB app.

This overview map should help you get your bearings and assist you in your search for accommodations.
Bring your own songs to share if you have some, or just gather around and sing along. Our jam sessions are without a doubt some of the most fun things to happen all weekend. Field Trip favorite, Tim Thompson, second from left, leads the group in song. Learn more about Tim and his music, as well as the duo he has with his son Myles Thompson, HERE.
Americana cult hero Tommy Womack is a favorite Field Trip performer. Tommy has dedicated his life to songwriting and performing. His songs are honest and real, astonishing his audiences as he dances between laughter and heartache. Learn more about Tommy Womack HERE.
One of Nashville’s most dynamic performers, Nalani and Josh, captivate us every time with their soulful, original songs as well as interpretations of classics by Aretha Franklin, among others. Powerful vocals, expert musicianship and tightly crafted songs make these two a must see. For more about Nalani and Josh, visit HERE.
Master guitarist, teacher and storyteller Dr. John Knolls CGP (Certified Guitar Player, a title given by Chet Atkins to only a handful of players) wows the group. Learn more about John Knowles HERE.
Hit-making songwriter and currently one of the top artists in Bluegrass, Irene Kelley wins every heart in the room with her music. A great singer/songwriter, and an even better human, Irene is one of our favorites. Learn more about Irene Kelley HERE.
So, what are ya waiting for? Let’s pack up the van and go on a Field Trip!

We’ll see you in Nashville!

CLICK HERE to be a Field Tripper

* Cancellation policy: Our Field Trips are tailor-made, intimate events, with a maximum of 14 Field Trippers each weekend. A lot of custom planning goes into the weekend to make it the best possible experience for everyone. Our promotion efforts for each Field Trip stop at around 45 days prior to each event, making it impossible for us to replace cancelled participants after that time. If you have paid but wish to cancel, you can do so up to 45 days prior to the event and receive a refund, minus a cancellation fee of $100. Refunds may take up to 45 days to issue. No refunds 45 days prior to the event. If you wish to postpone to a future Field Trip, you can do so up to 45 days prior (space permitting) and we can move your spot(s) for a $100 fee per person, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time. Thanks for your understanding.