Halloween Field Trip!


Our First Ever HALLOWEEN Field Trip: Chico, California

Be In The Studio with Antsy McClain and The Troubs as They Record Their New Album

-2 Driving to Monterey from San Francisco, with great excitement

Top left, Antsy and the guys cutting basic tracks for the song, “My Own Skin.” Above right, Antsy is waiting to be your tour guide for another memorable Field Trip.


1. VIP Access to Halloween Concert and Pre-Show Block Party Thursday, Oct. 30 at Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA.

2. Be IN THE STUDIO with us Friday, Oct., 31 as we cut songs for the new album.

3. Sing on Antsy and The Troubs’ New Album!

4. Special Give-Aways (to be announced)

5. Your name will be listed on the album credits

6. Sit around at dinner with Antsy and the band after our sessions as we tell ghost stories, and enjoy a good meal.

7. Follow Antsy and the gang down the road to Santa Cruz for another crazy Halloween show at Don Quixote’s in Felton, CA Saturday, November 1 and hang out afterwards for a Field Trip Wrap Party.

Space is VERY Limited! Only 12 spots available! CLICK HERE TO GET ON BOARD!


THURSDAY: 6 PM: Pre-show Tailgate Party with Antsy and the band. 8 PM: Halloween Eve Concert at Sierra Nevada’s Big Room in Chico, CA. You’ll be our guests with VIP seating and all access passes.

FRIDAY, 10 AM: In The Studio, Chico, CA. Antsy McClain, Loose Bruce Wandmayer, Dacron Dan Becker, Hot Rod Todd McMasters, Gary “Garage Sale” Tackett and Terry “The Train” Domingue will be cutting songs Friday, October 31 from 10 AM to 7 PM. Antsy’s 17-year old son, Grant, will also be there, playing guitar on the session.

SATURDAY: Convoy with us to the Santa Cruz mountains for another fun concert at Don Quixote’s in Felton. You’ll be our guests with VIP seating and all access passes.

SUNDAY morning: hug each other goodbye, and bask in the memory of new friends, new experiences and lifelong memories.

All Field Trippers will be FIRST to receive the new album, along with a personal note from Antsy and the band for being a friend of our music.

You get all of this for just $329/person.* CLICK HERE TO GET ON BOARD!

* Travel and hotel not included. Food will be provided on Friday at the studio. Once you’ve signed up, we can help direct you to hotels we’ll be staying so we can all get a discounted group rate.

“We’ve cut several tracks for the new album already, and it’s shaping up to be the best work we’ve ever done. The guys are all excited about it, as am I. This next time in the studio in October, surrounded by friends of our music, will be the icing on the cake. There is so much good mojo surrounding this album, everything has just clicked in place from the first notes we played together. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.” – Antsy McClain

Here’s a rough mix of a new song we recorded in the studio last week that’s already becoming a fan favorite. It’s called “My Own Skin.”

Take a listen and see if we ain’t having a good time. We’d love for you to be a part of it!

Your FREE download: https://www.unhitched.com/My_Own_Skin.mp3

Here’s a video of me playing the song solo, so you can hear what masterful musicians these Troubadours are. (And now you know why I have a band!)

Video of Antsy performing My Own Skin:


Proceeds from this trip will go to production costs of the album. We appreciate your support.


Arm Chair Field Trippers…

If you’d just like to help out, we have these links for financial support: $20   $50   $100. Just go HERE and put in your amount. Takes 30 seconds.

Anyone clicking through the above links will be first in line to receive the new album as a thank you from us.


If you have any questions, contact us at thetroubs@unhitched.com.

Thanks for being there!

– Antsy

lead singer guy

The Trailer Park Troubadours

10 Replies to “Halloween Field Trip!”

  1. Dear Antsy … Please hold a spot for me in the Field Trip. I have to go to the bank and don’t want you to sell out in the meantime!

  2. Hey Antsy! Man I wish but the wife left me my only tooth fell out, you get the idea. Seriously that would be really cool! I need to get you to play Crescent City, CA then that would be a way cool world!

    1. Ha. Well, I hope we can do it again some day. Good luck with the false teeth fitting! Hate to see you down in the mouth. Ants

  3. Alas! Our son is getting married on November 1st and has the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Oct 31 (Halloween of all days!), so the Halloween field trip is out of the question for us.

    My wife and I saw you recently in St. Louis at the Sheldon Concert Hall with Tommy Emmanuel. That was our first time seeing you, or Tommy for that matter. The evening was simply wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed you! Honestly, folks were most likely there for Tommy, including me. I want to tell you that you were fantastic and engaged the audience in an organic, witty, and warm way that had us all in your pocket. I hope you can recall the genuine appreciation and applause you received while here. It was much deserved!

    I listened to My Own Skin and enjoyed it! Best wishes on the new project and God bless you as you travel life’s path on this blue marble!

    David Libby

    1. Thank you for the kind words, David. You make me want to try that much harder. And yes, I remember those nights in St. Louis very well, and the reception was very heart warming for me. I’ll never forget it. I’m trying to get back there. I’ll keep you posted. Ants

  4. Dearest Antsy. Patsy and I are just giddy about this trip. We are busy picking out special outfits, hats, and hair. I even got me a new pair of glasses so I can actually SEE the show! Patsy has cleared her calendar and has a fill-in dancer at the truck stop to take her place on those days..of course this fill-in gal ain’t as good as Patsy and those truckers will sure be happy when Patsy gets back (which I’m sure will increase her tips) Our spouses, Billybob and Skeeter and some other of our friends will also be attending the Chico show.. but we are making them sit in the cheap seats cuz..well… Patsy and Twyla are special VIPS and we can’t wait to rub that in their FACE! Can’t wait to see ya Antsy!!! Luv Twla and Patsy!

  5. I’ve been trying to find someone to attend this with and couldn’t, so I guess I’ll just have to get comfortable in ‘My Own Skin’ and come by myself! 🙂

  6. Dear Antsy,
    Where have you been these last 40 years of my life?! Please forgive me; but, I had never heard of you until last night when I surfed and ended up riding the “Rolled Coaster” on PBS 20-3 here in Indy!! You and “The Troubs” inspired me to sing and dance while watching.

    Where can I buy CDs that have those songs from the concert? Watching the performance of EVERYONE on stage plus hearing the music and lyrics was an ABSOLUTE THRILL! Thanks to ALL involved because your concert revived this sexagenarian broad whose spirit was in a comma!
    God bless ya’ll and keep you safe as you travel!!

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