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“I did a short house concert tour with friends a few years back, and I had no idea how fun it would be. The shows were intimate and the audiences were very tuned in. And I was able to do songs I can’t normally do with a full band. So I decided as soon as my calendar cleared up, I would book some more house concerts – and I’m having a great time! You will too. My dates are limited for these types of shows, but if you host house concerts or know someone who does, give us a shout.” – Antsy McClain
“Intimate home concerts – that’s where I cut my teeth 25 years ago as an entertainer, and I’ve tried to make every concert have that same sense of intimacy – whether it’s a large theater or festival. But it’s not easy to do that. When you have 50 people in the warm atmosphere of someone’s home, and the wine is flowing and the food has been served, it’s really special. Some of my favorite shows in the last few years have been home concerts.” – Antsy McClain
“I spend so much time writing and rewriting my songs, and so many of them never get played to a live audience. I’ve produced 25 albums and DVDs, but when I play with a band, you may hear 30 songs. And at least half of them are always repeats. It’s just the way it is with live band shows. A band has to rehearse the music, memorize the songs, and if a couple guys are new and don’t know the newer songs, that’s going to shorten your repertoire as a band. So, several years ago, I started playing my new songs during my solo set after intermissions, and I got very comfortable playing solo. I decided to stretch that muscle a bit more, and see where it goes. Home concerts give me the perfect atmosphere to try out new material and play more obscure tunes I never got to play before, while still doing plenty of fan favorites.” – Antsy McClain