Field Trips

“This trip exceeded all my expectations. I am blown away. Your hospitality and willingness to share so much with us…  This has been wonderful.” – Terri, recent Field Tripper


“I have made so many new friends, and discovered some amazing musicians I would never have known about. You and Deana Lynn are wonderful. I came with 4 of my dearest friends. We’ve been around the world together, and this, we all agreed, has been the best trip we’ve ever taken together.” –Sandy, recent Field Tripper


“You and Deana Lynn always amaze me, how you just open your hearts and your home like this. The perfect hosts. I always drive home with my mind kind of swirling about what just happened.” – Kevin, A four-time Nashville Field Tripper




Hi, folks. Tour “real” Nashville, eat great food, attend private concerts and workshops, record in a Nashville studio, make new friends and enjoy the ride! 

Singer/songwriter Antsy McClain guides you through three days of fun, food and music, starting with a tour of Music City and ending up in a state-of-the-art Nashville studio making music together. 

Only 2 More Nashville Field Trips this year: 

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Sept 27 – 29, 2019  TIX HERE


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March 27 – 29, 2020  TIX HERE

April 17 – 19, 2020  TIX HERE

Spring is lovely in Nashville, and it’s before the heavy tourist season. Our March and April Field Trips fill up fast, so don’t hesitate.

June 19 – 21, 2020  TIX HERE

June is great in Nashville, as it’s getting warmer but the humidity hasn’t totally kicked in yet, and tourist season is in full swing but manageable. We avoid Field Trips in July and August because of that.  

Sept 25 – 27, 2020  TIX HERE

September is as good as it gets weather-wise here in Nashville. The temperature drops, the leaves start to change, and tourist season is winding down. Our September Field Trips are popular. Sign up early to get your place. 

The price for all of this is just $499 – But only $449 for a limited time. ($50! That’s a night on the town.) 


     Everyone has Nashville on their bucket list if they haven’t been there already. But where do you go? What do you see? Who has the best entertainment? Where is the best hot chicken and barbecue? 

     These are common questions we hear from friends visiting Music City. Most weekend tourists stay along the 5 blocks of real estate known as Lower Broadway, where all the live country music is. It’s Nashville’s biggest tourist attraction, but if that’s all you see, you’re missing out on the heart of this city and Nashville’s place, not just in music, but in history and culture. Nashville played an instrumental role in the Civil War as well as the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. In just over 200 years, Nashville has grown from a sleepy river town to become a major railroad hub in the 19th century, to an important crossroads of three major interstates in the mid 20th century, and is now one of America’s fastest growing, progressive cities, and an attractive destination for young people working in the tech industry and other fields. 

     Antsy McClain has lived here for more than 25 years. His first job in Nashville was a tour guide, and he has played music and recorded here since the “Garth Brooks boom” of the early ’90’s. He’s seen a lot of changes, and he knows all the sweet spots. 

     The Nashville Field Trip is a way to explore your creative side and tour one of America’s most interesting cities. Click HERE to sign up. 

Here’s some of what we’ll do together:


• Have a meal at the downtown Woolworth’s where African American students first protested segregated dining in 1962. Feel the goosebumps as you look around at folks of all races, all walks of life eating, drinking and laughing together. 

• Wind along historic Music Row, the birth of “The Nashville Sound,” while a soundtrack takes us through the evolution of “country” music – from the hillbilly stomps of the 30’s to the increasingly sophisticated sounds of Patsy Cline, Ray Price and others, until we land in modern day where country music has urban and world influences. Music Row is changing fast, but there are still some landmarks pertinent to “classic country,” and we’ll see as many as possible. 


• Enjoy home-cooked dinners each night prepared by Deana Lynn or catered and served casually as we get to know each other around the table.


PLEASE NOTE: We always have vegetarian options at dinner, but if you have special dietary needs, please provide for yourself. Let us know at least two weeks prior to the event if you have any food allergies. Thanks.


• Pick a cozy seat and enjoy an intimate house concert hosted by Antsy and Deana Lynn. Antsy usually starts things off with new stuff he’s working on, maybe a fan favorite or two, and then turns it over to any number of his talented friends, professional songwriters and musicians who are there for your listening pleasure. They’ll play their music, tell their stories and answer your questions. Jams usually materialize, and that, as we say around here, is when the magic happens. 


• Visit a state-of-the-art Nashville studio and listen to tracks from one of Antsy’s upcoming albums. Then gather around the microphone and sing on a song or two. Antsy and the sound engineer answer your questions and give you a peek behind the curtain as you see how music is made in Music City, USA. 


Each Field Trip loosely goes as follows:

Friday night, 5PM: Happy Hour at Home with Antsy and Deana Lynn. We get to know each other and rest up from a day of travel. Then we sit down for a delicious home-cooked meal by Deana Lynn. After dinner, we gather in the living room for music. Antsy shares some new songs, and the guitars come out. We all get to hear what you’re working on. Now, if you don’t play or sing, don’t worry about it. Everyone in the circle shares something, whether it be a favorite poem, story or joke. The “guitar pull” usually turns into a philosophical discussion of why we do what we do, and what motivates us as creative people. 

Saturday morning, 11 AM: We meet and head into the heart of Nashville, where Antsy guides you through the hot spots and those off-the-beaten-path places that makes this town so unique. We have lunch at one of Nashville’s well-known places, taking a consensus to see what everyone wants. 

Saturday morning and afternoon: We start in Music Row as Antsy gives you a drive-by history of “The Nashville Sound.” From there we’ll visit the time-honored classic spots that made Nashville what it is today, as well as visiting a few of “New Nashville’s” alternative and underground scenes. Antsy’s music has been called “unique,” “out of the ordinary” and “off the beaten path,” so it’s no surprise his guided tours of Nashville would include the extraordinary people and places that you won’t hear or see on a bus with a bunch of tourists. 

Saturday 5 PM: It’s happy hour again, and we’ll gather back at the house while another great dinner is prepared. After dinner, we’ll gather for an intimate house concert by one of Nashville’s best songwriters and musicians, hand-picked from Antsy’s wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Afterward, jams have been known to happen. 

Sunday, 11 AM: Antsy takes you to a state-of-the-art recording studio where you’ll watch the process of creation and be a part of Antsy’s own music as you sing on a chorus or two of one his own songs, earmarked for a future album. 

Sunday, 6 PM: We gather at the house again for one last get-together, another great meal and more intimate music performed for us by some of Nashville’s best. Sunday night usually runs late, as nobody seems to want to leave. Antsy has said, “For Deana Lynn and I, this is our favorite night of the Field Trip; everyone has bonded, we’ve all become friends, cell numbers have been exchanged, and it all went by so fast, with so much good mojo. No one wants to go back to their hotels. And we don’t want it to end either. We love hosting these things. The people we’ve met and the memories we’ve made have changed our lives.” 

Travel notes

Our first event is Friday at 5 PM, and our last goes late Sunday night, so you’ll want to make your travel plans accordingly. If you want to spend a few extra days before or after, many folks do that, and Antsy can help with restaurants, parts of town, site-seeing destinations, etc., to make your stay in Nashville as enjoyable as possible. 

To our Airstream and RVer cousins:  There are many great locations with full hook ups near us. E-mail us at for a list of RV park locations that come highly recommended by other campers we’ve had join us. 

Hotel and Air BnB info: Any hotel or Air BnB near the airport would be a perfect distance from where you’ll need to go, and there are plenty of options there with reasonable rates. Tourist season (From June to early Sept) will be a tad bit higher, but if you reserve early, it won’t be that much different. If you want less expensive, non-chain options, anything on the East side of town, in the areas of Hermitage or Donelson might be fine, but as is typical with travel in any strange city, research the area before making your reservation. 

That oughtta cover it! We’ll see you in Nashville!