Woodflock 2014 – Photos by Ed Townsend

Following is a selection of photos provided by Flamingohead Ed Townsend who attended the Woodflock 2014 festivities in Red Bluff, CA in May 2014.  If you have photos you would like to post from Woodflock, please contact Sumoflam via email or via Facebook.


One thought on “Woodflock 2014 – Photos by Ed Townsend

  1. Hello – I’m a new fan! Why I haven’t heard a good band ever like this one in a long time like the Trailer Park Troubadours on PBS this fall. I and a friend are going to hear Antsy & the Band in Redwood City, CA this December 17, 2015!

    How can I join being a ‘Flamingohead’ and meeting fellow Flamingoheads in my area of Fairfield, CA ?

    I would like to know more about your annual May Woodflock gathering in 2016 in Red Bluff, CA; as I would like to sign up and need to know who I need to contact as to where we can stay during the festival and well as other ‘Flamingoheads’ get togethers!
    Looking forward to getting all his albums/Cd’s- though not much luck getting ‘Trailercana’

    I’m remiss I didn’t know about the Trailer Park Troubadours much earlier- yours, Deb

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