Enjoying the Ride With Tommy E: Indianapolis


Tommy E on stage (and me behind the curtain)


After two wonderful shows in St. Louis, who’d have thought that Indianapolis would bring more fun and excitement.  Last night’s show was really special.

Tommy called me out during his set and accompanied me on “Primer Grey Impala.” It was the BEST version ever. Tommy played brushes on his guitar as percussion to the song, and it elevated me to an energetic level I’d never experienced before. Being in Tommy’s field of gravity does that to a guy. 😉

I have never been to Indy before, and the Old National Centre, completed in 1909, is a significant architectural and historical landmark in the city. Our performance hall, called The Egyptian Room, has a unique Middle Eastern vibe with high ceilings and intricate hand-painted murals. I walked around and looked it, but they keep the lights pretty low to preserve the old paint. It was an amazing place to play. And the audience last night was awesome!

We also got a special treat last night with a visit from a 14 year old guitar virtuoso from Kentucky named Parker Hastings. Over the last couple of years, Tommy Emmanuel has taken this young man under his wings and has developed Parker into a young star.  I am sure that he will someday be nationally recognized.

Parker Hastings performed last night

Parker Hastings performed last night

Last night Parker performed “Borsalino,” then a Chet Atkins arrangement of “Back Home Again in Indiana,” and finally one of Tommy’s compositions called “Dixie McGuire.”

This kid rocked the house.  If you have not heard of him, you should check out some of his guitar playing on YouTube. You’ll be glad you did!

Accompanying Parker was my good friend and producer of a number of my albums, Eddie Mattingly.  Always good to see him and thrilled that he came up from central Kentucky for the show.

The audience in Indianapolis rocked it. We had a fun show and I can’t wait to get back to Indy again in the near future!

Visiting with Parker Hastings and Eddie Mattingly backstage in Indianapolis

Visiting with Parker Hastings and Eddie Mattingly backstage in Indianapolis

Today I’m home with my family for Fathers Day, and tomorrow I fly to New York to join up with everyone there for our first show at the B.B. King Blues Club. We will also be there on Thursday and Friday. If you’re in New York, come out and see the show! Tell your friends.

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One thought on “Enjoying the Ride With Tommy E: Indianapolis

  1. ANTSY!! You have made me an INSTANT FAN!!! You almost upstaged Tommy! LOVE your material; you are doing what I’d love to do, except I’ve grown accustom to eating regularly. TOTALLY enjoyed your performances and what a GREAT sense of humor. BTW, thanks for the info on your soundhole pickup; I just may have to get me one of those.

    BTW, my son bought me the FLOYD flash drive for Father’s Day. Totally enjoying your book!!


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