Tommy and Antsy Tour: The reviews are coming in

Antsy and Tommy on stage in Annapolis (photo courtesy of

Antsy and Tommy on stage in Annapolis (photo courtesy of  Jan Anderson)

As we rolled through the first few days of our national tour, I have made some new friends and reviews have begun to roll in about the shows, like this one from C. Peleshenko in Indy:

“What a great show last night, absolutely hysterical and true. I’m the guy whose smart phone hit the loo 2x, darn kids.

The photos on this page are courtesy of  Jan Anderson, a friend of Tommy’s and were all taken in Annapolis.


B. Ringk: Saw Antsy with TE at BB King’s – loved him!

A. Bennici: You both put on an awesome and inspiring show!

K. Hastings: I was there last night. Wish I could have done a twofer.

T. Vitti: just saw your show! awesome! love how you mix poetry and song…and mentioning Dr Demento!! rock on!

M. Uhl: It’s always great to discover talented troubadours. For me it happened last night in Annapolis. Come back soon!

T. Salvatore: Great show in Annapolis. New fan here!

T. Zapolnik: You tore in up in Indianapolis on Saturday. Hope to catch another show soon!

M. Uhl: I figured out who you remind me of. Loudon Wainwright III. Every song on your CD, Living the Dream, is a keeper. Tommy is a genius at scouting talent too.

E. Kimball: Great show last night! Well worth the road trip from Cincinnati! The people behind us had never heard of you and are now fans.

On Stage at Ram's Head

On Stage at Ram’s Head (courtesy of Jan Anderson)

M. Yeagher: Great show at the Ramshead in Annapolis, Antsy! Thanks for the Bro Hug and FYI, I checked the app store on my Smart Phone and apparently IT CAN FIX STUPID…you Rocked, Bro!

L. Rolston: We saw you guys last night at BB King’s – great show! Been singing Smart Phones Can’t Fix Stupid all day 😉

K. Cooksey: Antsy, saw ya last night in Indy, what a show, u had me rolling,laughing. thanks for taking time to sign my ticket and take a picture with us.

R. Oickens: Enjoyed the show last night. You guys were awesome! My wife and I are now big fans.

L. Fox: …just think how lucky Tommy E. is getting to tour with Antsy!

J. Wetzel: GREAT show tonight! We loved it!

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2 thoughts on “Tommy and Antsy Tour: The reviews are coming in

  1. Look at you… makin’ new friends, new fans, new cuzins wherever you go! So glad it’s going well and that you’re on the mend. You rock, Antsy, and it’s so nifty keen that all these folks are getting to hear you, laugh and fall in love with you and Pine View Heights!

  2. Saw the show in Newberry, SC last night. Have seen Tommy 5 times and this was the best opening act; loved the fact that you aren’t trying to be Tommy (well, okay, who with a guitar isn’t trying to be Tommy?) and that you do what you do well. Very funny. Impressive poetry/lyrics.

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