State of the Trailer Park, April 2014


Hello, my fellow Enjoyers of the Ride. I hope this post finds you healthy and happy.


Fresh New Tour Dates
We are thrilled to announce that our booking folks here in Pine View Heights have been busy putting dots on the map, and getting me and the guys out there and working hard this year. Details here on the site.  While there, join our new app, and get updates immediately.


PBS Concert Update
Producer Peter Berkow has finished the initial mixes for consumption. Those who pre-ordered the DVD at the time of filming will be sent personalized copies of the discs as early as next week. The finished DVD version will follow on the heels of that. We’ll keep you posted. Airing of the concert will commence in the fall on various PBS affiliates.


New Studio Taking Shape
I’ve been feverishly working on a studio space from which I can work. In an attempt to scale down, streamline and declutter our lives, the McClains have undergone what could be described as a “junkectomy.” I have personally taken no less than 20 car loads of “stuff” to various depositories and clearly have more than a few to go. My new studio space is just 20′ x 24′ and will double as an art studio and recording studio, as well as home to my new podcasts and video blogs. I’ll send pics of it as it develops.

Winter months have been good for writing
In the last several months, I’ve enjoyed a productive song writing season, having penned a dozen or more songs, some of which I’ve shared live. Some are humorous in nature, such as, “You Won’t Shut Up,” a song about no one in particular, and inspired by a story I read on the internet. (Really.) Others are more reflective, songs that come to me in the act of living. One such song, called The Rooster,” was inspired by a neighbor, whose rooster crows throughout the day. Here’s a few verses and the chorus:

My neighbor has a rooster,
He crows throughout the day.
It’s not enough to show his stuff
At the morning sun’s first ray.

No, he’ll crow at noon or sundown,
He’ll go off at 2 PM.
You’ll hear his chimes at random times,
But it all makes sense to him.

CHORUS Wake up and open your eyes.
The sun is up and the rooster cries.
Wake up and open your eyes.
If you keep them shut, you’ll miss another sunrise.
So the rooster cries.

As I approach another birthday next week (but who’s counting?), I can sympathize with the rooster, who’s times are all messed up, but it doesn’t matter because he knows life is short, and if you’re sleeping it away, you need to wake up! It’s kind of been my own clarion call, I would suppose, for the last several years – ever since The Beige Album anyway.

Another song I’m writing has to do with simplifying your life and scaling things down to what you truly need, called “Glass Half Full.” Yet another song deals with Bob Dylan’s Chrysler commercial, and how he’s gone from being the spokesman of a generation to the spokesman of a corporation. I’m not a protest singer. Others do a very good job at that. But every now and then, I have to call ’em like I see ’em, and get some things out of my system. Whether it’ll be on an album or not is yet to be determined, but I had fun writing it.

All of these songs, and more will be thrown into a pile in September in a lush sound studio somewhere in the hills of Chico, California as me and the guys make our first ever all live studio album. (“Live studio” album means we’ll make the music all at once, together, with little to no overdubs.)

Take care of each other, and we’ll see you on the road.

Antsy McClain
lead singer guy
The Trailer Park Troubadours