Parkin’ It With Antsy McClain: Old Dogs and Guitars


“It seems I keep coming back to the same old things: Old dogs and guitars and back porch swings.” – Antsy McClain
In this songwriters workshop of sorts, Antsy presents several demos of new songs. Some are older ones that have never been heard before, and some are brand new, having just been recorded in the last 48 hours. Antsy gives a little background to the songs, and the stories behind them. “A Good Wishing Song,” “Old Dogs and Guitars,” “Hunky Dory,” “The Ghost of Stevie Goodman,” “Another Road to You,” and “Drive-Thru Life.” Some of these are on The Beige Album. “Another Road to You” is on Limited Edition Prince. “Drive-Thru Life” is featured on Living the Dream.

“I’ve been in a real writing spurt lately,” Antsy says, “And I wanted to let Flamingoheads know what I’ve been up to. The songs are pretty simple, as far as production value — It’s just me and an acoustic guitar and layered background vocals and mandolin here and there — but I think folks will get the idea. Some of these demos, like “The Ghost of Stevie Goodman,” may never even end up on an album anywhere…I don’t know. They were written as exercises, really, or journal entries, and because of their tone or message, they may not fit into a Trailer Park Troubadour set list. They’re kind of misfits, I guess, but I still wanted folks to hear them.”

Antsy mentions in this podcast that he’ll continue to share these songs under the condition that he get feedback from listeners. Let Antsy know what you think of his new music by e-mailing him at Your feedback is always carefully considered, and even shapes the content of future albums.

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