Parkin’ It With Antsy McClain: A Life Like Ours


“Somewhere past these gravel roads, high on a castle’s towers, a rich man dreams of paradise, and sees a life like ours.”
Antsy McClain presents a demo of a new song (from back then), which could only be heard live concerts: “A Life Like Ours.”

We had received a lot of e-mails from folks asking where they could buy the song. The answer then: “You can’t.” You could only get it here, for free.  It was later recorded and added to New Good Old Days.


Also in this podcast, Antsy talks with 88-year-old Flamingohead, Laurita Cateur who has seen great changes in her life, and shares the secret of her longevity. Jerianne VanDijk of KVMR radio, takes the microphone again to interview Craig and Linda Peck of Sacramento. Craig recently had brain surgery to remove four abcesses that caused pain, memory loss, and even personality change. Instrumental music for this podcast is provided by award-winning guitarist Todd Hallawell, who was on our Polyesterfest Cruise in 2007. Check his music out at To see pictures of Laurita’s life and career as an actress and dancer, click here:

Listen to the Podcast:

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