LIMITED EDITION Mello Center PBS Sessions 2 DVD Set now available

AntsyCDsThis two DVD set of the Troubs’ PBS special, shot at the Mello Center, near Santa Cruz that was originally offered at the 2014 Woodstock event. This version is raw and unedited and is only available in limited quantities. This is the professional eight-camera shoot with audio mixed by Antsy’s favorite sound man, Dale Price.

The two DVDs have more than two hours of LIVE Troubs and include over an hour of songs, out-takes, jokes, extended solos and clowning that will be edited from the broadcast version. This is the stuff true Flamingoheads love, so get your copy now before the very stock runs out.

When this limited batch sells out, the only DVD for sale will be the “official” one hour PBS show that will air on public television nationwide in 2015.

Due to time constraints, the epic nine-minute versions of songs like “Aunt Buela’s Roadkill Overcoat” and “My Baby Whistles When She Walks” will be cut down to five or six minutes for national broadcast.

And some of Antsy’s other great songs will be left off the national broadcast, because it must be only 55 minutes long.

Note from Antsy: You can see the entire performance on this DVD set, before it gets cut for national release.


One thought on “LIMITED EDITION Mello Center PBS Sessions 2 DVD Set now available

  1. Hello Antsy

    Glad of the alteration to the website, which now allows me (in far away Ireland) to penetrate your defences and order your limited edition Mello Center PBS Sessions. Having done just that in the last few minutes, I look forward to receiving the DVDs soon and pigging out! One of our local DJs, John Creedon on RTE 1, played something from Double Wide and Dangerous last week as I was driving my granddaughter home. To my great shame I had never before heard you or even of you, but I couldn’t wait to get home and track you down online. Now that I have, I think it will be the start of a beautiful friendship – hardly an original phrase I know, but it reflects well the sense of fun that came from the car radio last week.

    All the best, and long may the McLain reign.

    Yours sincerely

    Damien White

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