Happy New Year Video from Antsy McClain

For any who missed it, here’s my video New Years wish…
And for those who’d rather read than watch videos, here are the lyrics:

T’was the day after New Years and Facebook was jammed
With regrets all bemoaning the goodies we crammed,

The late nights of drinking, the pounds that amassed,
My fat jeans don’t fit! It all happened so fast!

We’ll see pics of kale smoothies replacing the plates
Of those holiday pies and soufflés we all ate.

And selfies in spandex in gyms ‘cross the land.
Will clutter our news feeds. I’ve seen it first hand!

The treadmills are crowded, the weight machines full,
My friends will be gimping from muscles they’ll pull.

Hey, more power to ya, if that’s where you are,
But there are always a few who take matters too far.

They become so obnoxious this time every year,
Last week they were Chris Christy, and now Schwarzenegger’s here.

They’ll scorn your Doritos as you open the bag.
Make faces and groan, they’ll preach and they’ll nag.

Saying, ‘Ew, that stuff’s garbage, It’ll kill ya, you know.’
When it’s the same crap they were eating just three days ago.

It’s like a dooms-day religion, and they go all the way.
I’d rather talk to a Mormon than these guys any day!

By the first week of March, when they’ve lost a few pounds,
Let’s hope it’s all over and our friends simmer down.

That’s usually the case, and not one word will we say
When they snarf all that chocolate come Valentines Day.

So, in a few weeks I’ll go back to the gym.
And have the place to myself ’cause they’re all empty again.

Moderation, they say, is the name of the game.
I’ll eat what I like — and let you do the same.

If it’s bad for me, well, I’m likely to try it.
Eat, drink and be merry — for tomorrow we diet.

Happy New Year, everyone!