Enjoying the Ride with Tommy E: St. Louis

Antsy and Tommy E

Antsy and Tommy Emmanuel


As friends of my music may know, I have embarked on one of the most ambitious tours in my career as I have joined world renown guitarist Tommy Emmanuel as his guest at over 20 of his performances across the United States in June and July.

Last night we kicked off the first of these performances at the amazing Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis. This place has been around since about 1912 and is a wonderful venue for a performer like Tommy Emmanuel.

Tommy has been a friend of my music and a mentor to me for years. It’s going to be a pleasure and honor to share the stage with the man in over 16 cities and 20 shows.


Sound Check at The Sheldon

We kicked off with a sound check at the Sheldon in the early afternoon yesterday. I loved the acoustics in this building.

This is how I feel after sound check

During the sound check I realized that Tommy Emmanuel’s guitar gently weeps while mine groans loudly. I guess I have a way to go.

The Audience at the Sheldon was great

Man oh man was the audience amazing. This was so much fun. I got a standing ovation. What great energy they have here! Truly a thumbs up moment!

I must be in St. Louis

Having a great time in St. Louis this morning. That wonderful glow must be lingering after last night’s show. So pumped for tonight’s show!

On the set at KMOV-TV in St. Louis

I started off today with an interview at KMOV TV to be on “Great Day” at 10 AM CST. We were almost pre-empted by an address from President Obama, but we barely made it. It did lend itself to some funny, impromptu moments, including an on-the-spot song. The video of my segment will be up later today at http://www.greatdaystlouis.com. Thanks to the fun folks at Great Day, and to our capable press and publicity agent, Jodi Jackson. You go, girl!

WATCH ANTSY ON KMOV Great Day St. Louis Here

I will be on stage again tonight with Tommy at the Sheldon and then it is off to Indianapolis.  I will do my next post from Indy!!

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