Enjoying the Ride with Tommy E: New York City, Part 1

Setting up at B B King's Blues Club in NYC

Setting up at B B King’s Blues Club in NYC

After a short but restful Father’s Day in Pine View Heights, it was back on a plane and off to New York City Monday morning. Three nights this week at B.B. King’s Blues Club on 42nd St! Tommy sold out the first two shows so fast that he added a third show (last night’s).

B.B King’s is one NYC’s premier live music venues and hosts some of the greatest legends in music: Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Alicia Keys, The Allman Brothers, Gipsy Kings, ZZ Top, Jay Z have all performed on its stage.

The club is just a couple of blocks from Times Square in midtown NYC, so the area is always hopping and exciting.  I took time to take a walk around the area prior to the show.  Even made it to the garment district to look for some new wardrobe accessories.

Walking around NYC, the city that never sleeps.

Walking around NYC, the city that never sleeps.

I had a great time seeing the sights, smelling the food, watching the people and taking in the entire ambiance of midtown NYC.

Found a new pair of shoes in the garment district!

Found a new pair of shoes in the garment district!

Tommy Emmanuel at his backstage meet and greet

Tommy Emmanuel at his backstage meet and greet

Tommy Emmanuel is always the most gracious of hosts. I enjoyed watching him backstage as he mingled with those who had signed up for the pre-show meet and greet. Even there he was the professional performer, providing encouragement and accessibility for his friends and fans.

Tommy E with famed harmonica player William Galison

Tommy E with famed harmonica player William Galison

Tommy has friends everywhere, many of whom are amazing musicians in their own right. Last night he invited his friend Will Galison to join him on stage. Will is widely known as a harmonica player, but also known as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer. He has performed and recorded with the likes of Sting, Carly Simon, Barbra Streisand and a list of others. He and Tommy blended together wonderfully to the full house.

Enjoying New York City

Enjoying New York City

The coolest thing about this tour has been hanging out with Tommy and his crew. Tommy’s sound engineer and road manager, Steve Law, is a stellar guy who can do/has done everything. And I feel like I’ve taken a Master’s Class in Entertainment and Showmanship already, and it’s only been four shows. Tommy is not only a consummate professional, he’s also a wonderful human being – which holds more weight with me than anything else.

Tonight we are off to Annapolis, MD where we play two nights at The Ram’s Head tonight and Wednesday. We will be back at B.B. Kings for two more shows on Thursday and Friday.

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One thought on “Enjoying the Ride with Tommy E: New York City, Part 1

  1. Hi Antsy,

    So glad you’re having a GREAT time with Tommy and his crew. I volunteer at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA and have worked Tommy’s shows twice. I wouldn’t miss him!!!

    I understand both you and Tommy will also be at the Phila. Folk Fest the 3rd weekend in August. Well, I also volunteer there, so I’ll see you there. In fact, since I work the Hospitality Suite on the grounds, it’s a good chance I will sign you in and give you your credentials.

    Better yet, I am taking a friend for her birthday to see your show at the Sellersville Theater on Sat, July 9th. Can’t wait to see you there!!! Oh, if you need someone to sell your cd’s in the lobby, I can do it for you. I have some 2 friends that play at the Sellersville, and when they do, I sell their CD’s for them. I’m very trustworthy, and can give you their names & numbers to check me out. However, on 2nd thought, I don’t want to miss your show that night, so could I sell them just at intermission (if you take one), and then immediately after your show? (That’s if you can use my help).

    In the meantime, have FUN, FUN, FUN with life!!!!! I have no doubt you do!!!!!!!

    Lee (610) 287-7657 email: upbeatandhappy@hotmail.com

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