Covering Antsy McClain: Prozac Made Me Stay by Messihippi

(Editor’s Note: As Antsy McClain has become more popular around the United States, and even in Europe, covers of his music are popping up on CDs, YouTube and Facebook. During the month of June we will feature videos with Antsy McClain music in them. Some are well done, some not so much…but YOU can be the judge. We will post them here.)

Messihippi1aWe travel across the Atlantic Ocean for today’s cover of an Antsy McClain song.  British musician Kamran Malik (who goes by the stage name Messihippi) hales from Cheadle, England and is a regular performer at the Sale Folk Club in Manchester.  He also accompanies Warrington, UK singer Kathie Taylor (Kathie Tea Music).  You can catch many of their unique takes on others’ music on the Kathy Tea Music Facebook page. His brief profile on YouTube offers this: Messihippi plays a bit of finger picking acoustic guitar, sometimes with a slide, and sings badly. He is hairy.



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