Announcing Spring 2017 Nashville Field Trip, March 3 – 5

We are pleased to announce our next Nashville Field Trip, March 3 – 5. Past Field Trippers have forged lifelong friendships from our events, and it makes us proud to be a part of seeing music bring people together. Click on the image below and fill out the application form. Space is limited to 12 participants. Once we receive your application, we’ll send you the link for signing up. We look forward to seeing you and showing off Music City! $429 includes 3 house concerts, songwriting and guitar workshops, a tour of Nashville, 3 dinner meals and lots of hang time with good people. Hotel and transportation to Nashville is not included. Scroll down to see pictures from our last Field Trip. 

Antsy in the round with (L to R) Nashville singer/songwriter Tim Thompson, Field Tripper Jeff Auen, Nashville musician Denny Kirtley, Field Trippers Jayme Lawhorn, Carla Lockwood and Cheryl Adams. Photo by Alex Neely.




Antsy and Deana Lynn belt out a favorite song while Carla Lockwood joins in. Photo by Alex Neely.



Antsy directs Field Trippers Rob and Katie Ditchen, Michael Smith, Jayme Lawhorn, Jeff Auen and Kevin Ward as they sing background vocals on one of his new songs at Marv Treutel’s Nashville studio. Photo by Alex Neely. 




Antsy was not driving as he took this selfie before the “Nashville Underground” tour took place. The destinations on the tour map are not shared here, because we go where no tourist goes, and we see what no tourist sees: Real Nashville.

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